To connect the meters (gas, water and electricity) R2 475.00 once off, non-refundable & refundable deposit R2 475.00 on vacating a unit

Owner pays R2 475.00 once off connection fee and tenant pays R2 475.00 refundable deposit when taking occupation, payable to Terra Nova Utilities.

When you are ready to commit, please complete the application form and purchase form and email it to Connie who will assist you further with the process.

Originators provides a free bond application service through all major banks and the client incurs no cost whatsoever. It is the originators job to assist individuals obtain the lowest possible home loan rate and to guide them through the process of applying for a home loan.

We can negotiate with all major banks with one complete application form and one contact person and we can secure the most cost -effective home loan.

There is no cost for an originator.

Three months latest payslips.

There are 9 estates:  The Hills, Meadows, Terranova Retirement Village, River View, Bushwillow Place (sold out), Hibiscus Place, Cosmos View (sold out), Cosmos Valley (sold out) and Cosmos Ridge (sold out).

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