Living in Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a private town and provides the following benefits to its residents:

  1. A 75% rebate on municipal rates have been negotiated with the Govan Mbeki Municipality.
  2. The finances of the Terra Nova Township is managed in a responsible and transparent manner by the Home Owners Association.
  3. Home owners are represented in the elected Home Owners Association to ensure that the needs of home owners are addressed.
  4. The town boasts its own sewer plant and generator in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of services.
  5. Water is supplied directly from the Rand Water line and Terra Nova is therefore not subjected to municipal water outages.
  6. A Bulk Gas piping system supplies all households with gas at an affordable rate, negotiated with the gas supplier.
  7. Safety and security in Terra Nova is managed by a private security company is which is linked to the local police system with armed response vehicle patrolling the town on a 24-hour basis.
  8. A CCTV camera system covers the perimeter and strategic spaces in town.

Owning your own home in Terra Nova

Owning a house in the Terra Nova Township has the following benefits:

  1. Each house is linked to a piped gas line resulting in affordable electricity bills and continuous supply of energy even in the event of power outages.
  2. Each house is fitted with a gas stove and oven, heater and geyser ensuring around the clock service.
  3. Houses are isolated in such a manner ensuring a cool interior during summer and warmth during winter.
  4. All houses are supplied with instant lawn.
  5. All houses are built on a platform AND a raft foundation.
  6. Options such as tiles or wooden flooring are available to new home owners.
  7. All kitchens are fitted with granite tops.
  8. Only aluminium window frames are used for a high class finish and to ensure isolation.
  9. Due to the nature of the complexes, lock up and go homes is designed for your convenience.
  10. Each house guarantees state of the art finishing of a very high  quality.
  11. Selected options to customise your house according to your taste, such as cupboard and flooring, is available.
  12. Each house can be fitted with a panic button linked to Terra Nova security room.
  13. Houses are finished with Energy efficient lights to save electricity and to ensure cost effectiveness.

Comfort of Complex Living

  1. All complexes have a parks and recreation facilities for families to enjoy
  2. All complexes are walled and have electric fence for added security.
  3. Complexes are fitted with  an electric gate with an intricate CCTV access control system
  4. Complexes are community driven and managed according to house rules.


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